Custom Yacht Designs:


In the 20-35 meter size range, we provide custom yacht design and naval architecture services for experienced and discerning yacht owners.

Special focus is placed on developing a "smart" yacht design, with emphasis on hull performance, efficient use of space, and ease of operation.

Our yacht designers work closely with each client to develop a custom yacht design that is orignal, unique and  "instantly recognizable," reflecting the client's own distinctive lifestyle, taste, and character.

  • NISI 2400 | 24m
  • Excellence | 25m
  • Koi (ex- Surprise) | 35m
  • Relentless | 34m
  • Discovery | 23m
  • Acadia | 26m
  • DIVA | 25m
  • Waterford | 31m
  • Aspen Alternative | 35m