Superyacht Designs:


Above 35 meters, we provide superyacht design, styling, and naval architecture services for experienced yacht owners.

Special focus is placed on developing a timeless superyacht designs. A diverse set of concept studies  and exterior design details are created to define the yacht's distinctive character.

Our yacht design team  works closely with each superyacht client to develop a unique and "one-of-a-kind" luxury yacht design tailored to meet their lifestyle, entertainment, and/or charter requirements.

  • Marama | 38m
  • Sorcha | 46m
  • Magic | 40m
  • Sunchaser | 43m
  • White Star | 47m
  • Penny Mae | 42m
  • Utopia III | 46m
  • Moon Sand | 41m
  • Lady Bee | 43m